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Restaurants Featured on TV & Famous Chef Restaurants in the World

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

This is not yet a comprehensive list, but I hope that it will be. I try to keep as many detailed notes on recommendations made and what dishes to try at each place.

When planning on restaurants we would like to try on vacation, I always search for restaurants that were featured on Food Network or other cooking shows. In fact, when I'm watching cooking shows, I often bookmark a restaurant on my Google maps and take notes on what was tried at the restaurant! So, I wanted to share that with all of you! Restaurants included were featured on:

  • Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

  • Man vs Food

  • Somebody Feed Phil

  • Top Chef

  • Best Thing I Ever Ate

  • No Reservations

  • Unique Eats

  • Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip

  • Buzzfeed's Worth It

I have also pinned famous chefs restaurants!

I continue to add to the map as you can imagine there are SO many places to add and so many restaurants have closed down. So, keep checking back for more places. If we have been to a restaurant that was notable, for sure you will see a blog post, Instagram or Facebook post on it.

NOTE: It is easier to navigate through the map on the COMPUTER

and expanding the map

The link for the map is here

Last Updated on 03.12.22.

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