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Why Benihana is a Frequent Stop for Us

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

've been coming to Benihana yearly for so long that I've seen their birthday coupon change over the years: I've been to several locations in Chicago and now frequent the Chandler location - I've come to this location since 2010. I've had some excellent and bad experiences and some show-stopping chefs and some chefs that make you want to crawl into a hole it's so awkward lol. But, in the end, I keep coming back and they do make improvements every year. They definitely picked up their pace with cooking during our last visit as we had chicken fried rice orders, seafood and steak and our chef was able to appropriately manage all items and the food was AMAZING! Our last visit was in December of 2021

In general, the floors aren't SPOT clean considering they're bringing food in/out of the kitchen all the time. But, I guess I go here not expecting an A-list experience and I think for what you pay for the food, the experience and the atmosphere is all appropriate and keeps me coming back.

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Highly recommended! Especially, in December, with the holidays, I'm not even sure you walk-in. Reserve through


  • Ocean Treasure (scallops, lobster and colossal shrimp)

    • Soup, Salad and Ice Cream are all included with this meal

    • see my detailed scallop review here

  • Coconut Mojito (the mango is 2nd place) - in depth review here

  • Green Tea Ice Cream

  • Try BOTH the mustard and ginger sauce with your food

    • each gives such an amazing flavor to the food

    • I enjoy dipping my food in both the sauces


They have updated their "show" with a little flare to begin the dinner and while preparing the food and then while you eat they do the volcano, shrimp tail flips, etc. Which I LOVE because you end up waiting a LONG time to eat before.


This has always been a 2-hour or longer dine time. However, now with the upgrades to the show, our last experience was a lot shorter. NOTE: the entire month of December is a mad-house no matter what time you go for dinner (I haven't tried for lunch yet). So, planning accordingly is helpful. If you have someone gluten-free at your table, they cook their food first, so it takes a little longer to get your food. If you want a faster dine, the seafood is the first on the hibachi and fastest to cook, so you'll get served faster


If you are a scallop lover or even loosely love scallops, I cannot recommend these enough. No matter what chef I have they always cook them AMAZINGLY. Not chewy AT ALL and the flavor is amazing. I introduced both my Dad and my Mother-in-Law to their scallops and they continue to report how good they were!


I have tried both the mango and coconut mojitos. The coconut is my favorite as it is not as sweet as the mango and refreshing. The mango is still a decent second, but as an absolute mango LOVER I am always picky about the taste of mango (fresh mango versus mango flavor) this one doesn't taste like FAKE mango per say, I just find the coconut one more refreshing!


Join the Chef's Table program: and you receive a birthday coupon, every year for $30 off your meal! They are pretty STRICT about these coupons, so sign yourself up BEFORE your birthday month to avoid any issues. Be sure to use the name on your driver's license or government issue ID as they ask for ID and my friend almost got turned away for not putting her driver's license name on her coupon.

There are SEVERAL restrictions on the coupon, but it is still very much worth it. You must print the coupon (they will not accept images on your phone). Your coupon only applies on a dinner from Monday- Thursday. You must choose an item that is OVER $30 for this to apply - for instance ordering a cocktail, sushi and/or appetizers that totals up to $30 they will turn down.


I have sat through several dinners to watch them make gluten-free dishes and follow all protocols. I have eaten keto and low carb here by ordering my Ocean Treasure, no rice sub extra veggies instead and give the ice cream to the husband. They also have good options for vegetarians!


Available on DoorDash and Uber Eats. Price seems a little higher on both of these avenues and my food has been a hit/miss. Mostly, I think it's Door Dash's interface with no option to add: extra ginger sauce or mustard sauce.


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