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Affordable Spa Day at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

One of our absolute favorite spots - one of the biggest reasons we were dubbed "boujee". If you book ANY spa treatment or salon treatment, you have access to the spa amenities from OPEN to CLOSE. NOTE: This rule was the case since before I first visited in 2011, but with COVID-19 I have gotten different responses on this (see more details below).

NOTE: Most links on our website are affiliate links, which means that The Bouj Crew collects a little bit of money or points when you click on certain links (this is at no extra cost to you). This is to help us with the upkeep and fees associated with running a website, offering products, etc!


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Access to the adults only rooftop pool, where you have staff regularly taking drink and food orders (food and drink are extra, there are some free snacks by the fitness area). Iced water is readily available and recently they added cups of sunscreen and aloe! More than enough towels are provided along with regularly placed umbrellas so that you can get as much shade (if any) as you want. There is also a bathroom located at this level or you can walk down the stairs to the locker rooms.

The waterfall treatment is easily the MOST missed item here and one of the biggest reasons we keep coming back - it is hot tub temperature and standing under the falls gives a massaging effect to any muscle group that needs it! Wet and dry sauna, inhalation room (eucalyptus essential oil), hot tub, cold plunge and showers are available in the respective locker rooms. The lockers are similar to that at the gym and will house your robes and slippers. NOTE: The robes don't have pockets ::sad face:: I get it, it would be nice NOT to carry your phone, but if you book a treatment you need to keep your eye on the clock and there isn't always one near. The locker rooms are equipped with Dyson hair dryers, straighteners, hair curlers, lotion, cotton swabs, etc and showers have a razor in them. One of my favorite parts of the shower is they include a eucalyptus spray that you can use - GREAT for clearing those sinuses. NOTE that the locker rooms are NOT co-ed, so if you go with someone of the opposite sex you'll have to meet at the waterfall, rooftop pool or the main floor of the spa by the fitness center. Some fitness classes are included and some are extra including Aerial Yoga which I LOVED and was doable for a beginner - when I did this in 2019 there was an additional fee for Aerial Yoga and certain other classes


As of 04.01.22.

Masks were not were required for patrons and some staff were in masks and some not (I'm assuming this was according to vaccination status). All amenities (sauna, hot tub, etc) were all open.

The TIME TO USE AMENITIES continues to remain unclear: pre-Covid you had access to amenities ALL day. Admittedly, I am a bit frustrated with the range of answers I have gotten since this restriction was put into place. Understandably the initial restriction began in spring of 2020. Before I ever book a treatment here, I make sure to ask if we can use the amenities all day, so I was ECSTATIC when booking for Valentine's Day Weekend we were told we could use the spa all day. So what a disappointment when checking in that we were told, "I'm not sure who you talked to when you booked, but we only allow 60 minutes before or after your treatment to use the amenities. But, we will let you this time." I tried clarifying at this point when the restriction would be lifted and the lady responded that there is currently no talks to lift the restriction for guests that do not buy a spa pass. Which is an odd reply, because this was never the case, even per their website: "Complete access to Well & Being Spa's amenities and facilities available to guests receiving same-day treatments or with payment of daily spa access fee." If you check out other reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor there are also varying responses


As mentioned above, they have snacks available on the main floor of the spa (by the fitness center). There is coffee and tea available throughout the day and pastries in the morning and trail mix in the afternoon. You can order from the spa menu and eat in the atrium (by the aerial yoga) or at the rooftop. You can order at anytime and have the food scheduled, if you are trying to plan accordingly with the time of your treatment. If you eat in the atrium, they also allow you to order food from anywhere you choose - which I love. I haven't tried this option yet, but do like it as am Keto most of the time and the only keto item on their menu is the Cobb Salad (sub vinaigrette for blue cheese dressing). The food has been ok, overall. There have been times that my salad dressing is strange and watery, probably because blue cheese dressing isn't actually on the menu. The garlic hummus was delicious, but lumped into the box with the marinated vegetables, so my pita was soaked by the time it got delivered. Boujee Dude had the fish tacos which were delicious.


Their massages, facials and body treatments are NOT budget friendly - the lowest for each is $205 plus taxes and 20% gratuity. They used to have massage deals, regularly, on Travel Zoo, but even then may not be worth it

  • Massages - I have never LOVED my massage enough to go back and pay $205 or more for 60 minutes. This may be the Boujee Babe, in me, since I have a FANTASTIC massage therapist and have a background in massage. I once had a deep tissue massage and the massage therapist kept saying how tight I was and how I should spend time using the hot tub and sauna to decrease my tightness (I had my massage at 2pm and had been there since 9am using the amenities). Bouj Dude also agrees that his was not all that worth it

  • Manicure & Pedicure - I feel like the price is DECENT. However, I've tried the manicure 2x and pedicure 2x and EVERY TIME (different nail techs each time) they NEVER paint the entire nail. Missing a big chunk on the lateral sides of the nail bed - which is odd to me. I talked to my friend about this and she experienced the same thing

    • UPDATE FOLLOWING 04.01.22. EXPERIENCE - Annette did my last pedicure and COMPLETELY changed my view of having the pedicure completely WORTH it. The entire nail was covered and she was just a wonderful person to talk with. I will be requesting her every time I return. She works in the hair salon as well

  • Eyebrow Waxing - I have only done this once and she did a great job with the wax, but when I got home and used my 10x zoom mirror there were several strays that were not plucked out

  • BOTTOM LINE: We go for the spa experience but have never TRULY been impressed with the services given. However, the spa experience is so great we keep going back and I still rate it 5/5 stars. We love the spa experience so much that we'd love to do a comparison of all the Fairmont Spas


20% Charge for EVERY Service

A 20% gratuity is automatically charged for every service booked here. I wouldn't be QUITE as against this if the services were WORTH the 20% gratuity. (see my discussion of the services above). Also, we once booked the Bod Pod (body fat measure) which is no longer available, but they added 20% gratuity to this - for those unfamiliar the trainer walks you through the machine, helps you in and the results are printed out. Most trainers would not receive a tip for such a service. They do let you pay less than 20%, but you have to talk about it with the staff and the one time that I did - it was a little uncomfortable with them pushing as to why I wanted to change it.


Both of us have been here SEVERAL times and you can really visit here for ANY occasion:

  • ME time

    • book DURING the week and you'll feel like you own the pool all by yourself

  • Girls Getaway

    • I've seen bachelorette parties and other girls groups here

  • Mother and Daughter bonding

    • I've even come here with my mother-in-law

  • Romantic Getaway

    • Great Valentine's and Anniversary celebration ideas!

  • Budget-Friendly idea


Travel Zoo had consistent deals for the past several years usually with a variation of massage, manicure, pedicure and champagne or wine. As of this update, they are running: $159 FOR A MASSAGE AND ACCESS TO ALL SPA AMENITIES CLICK HERE TO GET THE DEAL! (valid June 15-Aug 31, 2022). Subscribe to Travel Zoo to make sure you get their offers!

They are also available on Resort Pass if you'd like to purchase a day pass or cabana at the resort. They have passes for dive-in movie screenings, pool pass, daybeds and cabanas ranging from $40pp to $475 per cabana. They are now offering spa passes as well!


BOTTOM LINE: You must TRY this Spa (if amenities are available all day)

It is absolutely worth it to try the spa all day! Boujee Babe has booked during the week and gotten the roof top pool virtually to herself (which was some FANTASTIC me time). Bouj Babe has even gone for a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bonding time and have seen a few bachelorette parties here as well. Of course, as the Bouj Crew, it is one of our favorite spots to disconnect from the struggles of daily life and reconnect with one another.


NOTE: Most links on our website are affiliate links, which means that The Bouj Crew collects a little bit of money or points when you click on certain links (this is at no extra cost to you). This is to help us with the upkeep and fees associated with running a website, offering products, etc!

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