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Hotels, Resorts and VRBO recommendations based on our experiences and friends' recommendations

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NOTE: Most links on our website are affiliate links, which means that The Bouj Crew collects a little bit of money or points when you click on certain links (this is at no extra cost to you). This is to help us with the upkeep and fees associated with running a website, offering products, etc!

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Travel Blog

Hotels and resorts we've stayed at and HOPE to stay at. Plus, how to get discounts and stays for FREE

The Bouj Babe puts a good amount of work into their travel plans and now we're sharing them with you! Current itineraries posted are Athens, Mykonos, Naxos in Greece and Kauai and Big Island Hawaii with always, more to come!

Read about our adventures and things we've done. I also share important pointers for each activity and how to get discounts on them!

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Read about our DELICIOUS eats and maybe those stops that we didn't feel were worth it. 

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